Tim Wallander
Professional Musician 


My greatest passion and joy in life is Music, especially as a drummer. One day I made the choice to invest in Music full time, a tough road to take but definitely a rewarding one. I still spend countless hours each day listening, analyzing, playing and teaching music, in all its forms. I play from the bottom of my heart, all the way out in the fingertips and each hit serves a purpose. I always give 100%, whether it is analytical/listening or performance and regardless of music style.

In my profession I get the chance to travel and play in places I would never have seen otherwise, which makes me grateful for my efforts. Today, Music is in the center of my life.

My qualities as a drummer are dynamics, versatility, communication, a good ear, drive, fearlessness, improvisation, creativity, groove and energy. 


Encouraged by my mother I began taking drum lessons when I was 13 years old and when I was 14, I started my first band. I was also very lucky to get our house expanded with a music room. My father filled it up with many different instruments, even though I never really asked for it. There I spent hours each day exploring with boundless creativity, as well as writing my own music. Alot of jamming with friends from school and with my big brother kept my musicality growing. It was the start of something beautiful and real.

At the age of 15, I started a music school at Heleneholms Gymnasium in Malmö, Sweden and along with that I got to know many musicians who later would become some of my closest friends and fellow musicians over the years. I had several bands at same time which I played with frequently, mainly a blues/rock band and a jazz/funk quartet, but also a Nintendo/electronical music trio and a 70s influenced psychedelic rock band.

2012-2013 I studied Afro American music at Oskarshamns Folkhögskola.

Since then I have played with over 30 different bands, in 18 countries and have recorded drums on 15 albums + several digital releases on Spotify and other platforms. Some records of my own bands have been released in Japan, USA and Greece among other countries.

I've teached a great number of drum students of different ages, both professional and beginners, privately. This is something that I still do alot and serves me a great purpose in life.

Also I've had substitute jobs and part time jobs as a music teacher and ensemble leader at several different schools, summer camps and privately.

Other highlights of my career:

  • My band Agusa's record contract with the American label The Laser's Edge
  • An office space at the professional studio complex RoastingHouse Malmö as a studio drummer, songwriter and drum teacher
  • Finalist in The Swedish Mastership in drumsolo 2017
  • Winner of Scandinavian Blues Contest with Georg Meggs blues band 2017
  • Articles and interviews about Agusa in Classic Rock and PROG
  • Interview with Agusa on radio, Italy
  • Hosted blues-, rock- and balkan jam sessions weekly for half a year at Copenhagen Bar, Malmö

Today I am a full time musician and drummer in many bands such as Agusa, Öresund Space Collective, Olumo Soundz, Georg Megg's Bluesband, Nyamacool and other. In addition to my office at Roasting House Studios I'm also working as a studio drummer for other producers, Thomas Larsen at Fabriken Studios, where we work for bands and singer songwriters.

Other than drums I play piano, guitar, percussion and bass, mainly in the context of songwriting and as a pedagogic tool for my drum students, but occasionally also live. 

Flattering Words 

"You've got to have a lot in your backpack to be able to improvise just like that, as you do. It is evident that you have played a lot in bands - being able to play technically is one thing, but playing with such a musicality requires knowledge"- Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

"When you play there is no circus, it is serious. You are really fantastic" - Morgan Ågren (Steve Vai, Kaipa, Frank Zappa, Mats & Morgan, etc.)

"You play super groovy, really bad ass!" - Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Arch Enemy)

"You are Sweden's best afrobeat drummer" - Jason "Timbuktu" Diakité

Listen & Watch

First video displays a live video from my afrobeat band Olumo Soundz performing our own song Sunday Jump. 


The second video displays Agusa's third studio album 'Agusa' 

Find more from us here: 



Through the link below you can listen to a full concert by Agusa, recorded at Babel, Malmö 2018


Third video displays Agusa's second studio album 'Två', released on the American record label The Laser's Edge. 

These are links to some of my own music, however it's not really up to date :) 



My Services

Studio Jobs

At my work at Roasting House Studios I can record and mix drums on my own. I work with Scandinavias largest Avid S6 Console, with a Genelec 5.1 Surround and a fully reconditioned Amek Hendrix console with a Sturder A80 MKii 24 Track. 

Examples of my services as a studio drummer are live session recordings, drum packages with various different styles and a large variety of grooves and fill-ins and to record drums on your music. I would gladly come to your studio aswell. I have alot of studio experience and playing to click track is not a problem. 


As a freelancing musician I have access to two fully equipped drum kits and cymbals, a driving license and a rehearsal space where we could rehearse for an upcoming gig. I'm versatile as a drummer, but my strongest genres are afro american music, pop and rock and I have alot of experience as a touring musician playing big venues aswell as soft gigs at hotels, cafés, restaurants etc.

Drum lessons

Most of my drum students come to RoastingHouse Studios for drum lessons, others choose to have it at their home, either way is fine. I teach you the basics like drum notes, beats, fill-ins, technique and if you already know this I'll look into whatever you would like to improve. All ages and levels are welcome and I teach all sorts of styles, however I left my double pedal excercises a long time ago so you should turn to someone else for that :) Teaching drum students is among the best things in life, so I'd be really really happy to have you!